Screen Printing; also known as Silkscreen Printing; also known as Serigraphy: also known as Serigraph Printing. Whatever name you know it as we specialize in it. 

Surprisingly the entire process starts with a screen (who would've thought). Our screens are a finely woven mesh stretched over a aluminum frame. The mesh comes in different sizes like 150, 195, 230 or 320. Those numbers represent the amount of holes per square inch on the frame. This allows us to print various designs from block letters to fine details.

Once we have our screen selected, we then coat it this magical liquid called emulsion (insert suspense here). Emulsion is a light-sensitive liquid that hardens when exposed to UV light. Once the screen is coated in this stuff and air dried, we take our film positives that block specific parts of the screen from UV light and place them on the screen. Once the emulsion is exposed to the UV light it hardens and can only be removed with a particular chemical, but the parts that were protected by the film positive are easily washed out with water. Viola, we have a screen that's ready to print.

After that, it is just our printer lining up all the individual colors of the design and printing it!

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