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Screen Printing; also known as Silkscreen Printing; also known as Serigraphy: also known as Serigraph Printing. Whatever name you know it as we specialize in it. 

Surprisingly the entire process starts with a screen (who would've thought). Our screens are a finely woven mesh stretched over a aluminum frame. The mesh comes in different sizes like 150, 195, 230 or 320. Those numbers represent the amount of holes per square inch on the frame. This allows us to print various designs from block letters to fine details.

Once we have our screen selected, we then coat it this magical liquid called emulsion (insert suspense here). Emulsion is a light-sensitive liquid that hardens when exposed to UV light. Once the screen is coated in this stuff and air dried, we take our film positives that block specific parts of the screen from UV light and place them on the screen. Once the emulsion is exposed to the UV light it hardens and can only be removed with a particular chemical, but the parts that were protected by the film positive are easily washed out with water. Viola, we have a screen that's ready to print.

After that, it is just our printer lining up all the individual colors of the design and printing it!


Machine Embroidery can be as simple as adding a name to a hat or creating elaborate patterns on patches. It’s an unique art form tailored to you and your brand's style.

We start with digitizing your logo or design and import it into our embroidery machine. From there, our machine takes the design and brings it to life. The digital file contains the design and all required information for rendering the design on the fashion item, including thread color, types of stitches and stitch parameters. Our computer-controlled machine can embroider on garments like hats, t-shirts, polos, backpacks, blankets, and jackets. From casual everyday clothing to formal attire, embroidery can be applied to suit many needs and styles. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


With direct to garment printing, you have the ability to put any image from your computer onto a shirt. Direct to garment printing uses digital technology to print directly onto high quality blank garments instead of using ink on paper or a transfer method that requires additional processing. Think of it as a giant inkjet printer but for shirts.

Without the need to stock large amounts of inventory and have massive equipment we can get your product out quickly and efficiently! Direct to garment printing allows brands to add their own design and customize the garment specifically how they'd like it printed. Benefits include unlimited colors, a soft feeling print and amazing details! Direct to garment is a really great option for our customers who need smaller quantities than our minimum order requirements for screen printing.


Promotional items are any items you have created and distributed to promote your brand, event, or cause. 

Promotional items can be used for multiple purposes, such as: building brand loyalty and awareness, increasing company revenue and enhancing the identity of your company or organization. Decorating a promotional item will draw attention to it when it is distributed to customers or shareholders, enhancing its effectiveness in communicating your message effectively. There are many ways you can decorate promotional items such as imprinting your logo/name on them, laser engraving, sublimation, engraving, and pad printing. Promotional items can range from practical (portfolios, pens) to decorative (coasters, mugs, koozies). Our capabilities for promo products are nearly endless.

If you want to see our full catalog of promo products, make your way to www.printedtheorypromos.com.


Our graphic design process begins with a consultation. This gives us a chance to get to know each other, graphic design and client, and talk about your unique needs, goals, and decisions about the overall design direction and look you want to achieve.

After we have spent some time getting to know you and your brand, event, or cause. We will do our best to create a custom design that truly reflects the spirit of your project, and from there, we can begin the process of creating the design for your apparel or promotional materials. We’ll work with you every step to ensure that we create a unique and compelling design that fits your brand and your customer base.

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