The team

Meet the people that make the magic happen.

Who we are

Printed Theory is a dedicated team of designers, printers, and dog. We pride ourselves on our creativity and we ensure every project that comes our way is handled with the upmost creative care.

Bethany Kirby
Director of Business Development

Loves Led Zeppelin, The Color Purple, and her pets.

Jon Martinez
Director of Strategy and
Special Projects

Graphic designer, Dog Dad, Weeb Trash

Drew Messina
Director of Creative Initiatives

Designer, Lover of Waffles, Weeb Slayer

Ray stillman
Office Administrator

Dog mom, Podcast lover, Ray of Sunshine

Brittany Dobbs
Production Manager

Love her family & friends, loves animals, and her hobby is making people smile.

Production Assistant

Loves sports, Taco Bell enthusiast, avid gamer

Quality Control Assistant

The Goodest Boy, Lover of Toys, Snacks, and Naps.

Quality Control Assistant

Shelter Dog Turned Spoiled Lap Dog

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