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Screen Printing. Embroidery. Promo Items.


With our screen printing finesse (that's right, 22 years of hands on experience in our shop), direct-to-film and direct-to-garment magic, embroidery better than your grandmas, and a treasure trove of promo products, we make your brand shine brighter than a unicorn in a disco ball factory.

Because when it comes to promoting your business, why settle for 'meh' when you can have 'HELL YEAH!'???

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Our piece de resistance, our bread and butter.

However you want to say it, it's what we do best. We're beyond proud of our screen printing quality. We love it, our customers love it. It's the best you'll find, guaranteed.


Want a Stanley tumbler with your branding on it? What about a thousand pens?

Our extensive catalog of promo products gives you endless options to market yourself creatively and uniquely.


Need thousands of stitches sewn into your garment? Better yet, want some really freakin' cool patches? You came to the right place.

Embroidery provides a clean and unique look to any garment and makes your merch stand out in the crowd. From hats to uniforms, to pants; you name it, we might be able to embroider it.


We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of print technology, and our Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing option is a testament to that commitment.

DTF is a revolutionary printing process that opens up a world of possibilities for your creative projects. We basically print ink onto film with your design, and then heat press it onto a shirt. Neato.


Think of Direct-To-Garment, or DTG, as a giant inkjet printer but for t-shirts.

DTG can print high quality photos and a wide range of colors. Need your face on shirt? DTG is the way to go.


Our team of designers are here to help bring your vision to life. Our Art Director has extensive knowledge in the advertising specialties industry. We know what a design should look like to get you the best end result when printing.

Whether you're looking for design SOS for your merch or an entire rebrand of your company, we got your back.

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Whats your typical turnaround time

Usually 2-3 Weeks

Screen printing and embroidery are very detailed oriented processes, so we like to give ourselves plenty of time to make sure your order looks perfect.

When we are talking about promotional products, we recommend ordering those 4-6 weeks prior to when you need them in hand. Rush orders can be expedited to 3-4 weeks.

Can I get my order within a week


Boss gives you a VERY short timeline to get some shirts ordered?

We can still get those done for you but be prepared for the fees - and have all your order details ready. We upcharge all of our shirts depending on how quickly you need them.

We add a 25% upcharge per shirt for 7 days, 50% for 5 days, and 75% for 3 days.

We DO NOT accept jobs within 1-2 days before you need them.

Do you have a minimum


For screen printing, we have a minimum quantity of 24 garments and that minimum can be a mix and match of shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, etc.

For DTG, we we have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 24. With this process, we are only able to print on ADULT cotton and cotton blend shirts so no hoodies or jackets.

For DTF, our minimum is 10 pieces per design.

For embroidery, our minimum is 10 items. Similar to screen printing, that can be mixed and matched with hats, polos, bags, etc as long as the design is the same on each garment!