Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely Not!

Most of our fees are already included in our pricing so that our customers aren't overwhelmed by crazy numbers all over their invoices.

The only fees that are not included in our pricing include:

  • Youth Size Prints
  • Custom Ink Colors
  • Color Changes
  • Art Fees
  • Shipping (if requested)

Whats your typical turnaround time?

Usually 2-3 Weeks

Screen printing and embroidery are a very detailed oriented processes, so we like to give ourselves plenty of time to make your order looks perfect.

When we are talking about promotional product we recommend ordering those 4-6 week prior to when you need them in hand. Rush orders can be expedited to 3-4 weeks.

Can I get my order within a week?

Of course!

Boss gives you a VERY short timeline to get some shirts ordered?

We can still get those done for you but be prepared for the fees. We upcharge all of our shirts depending on how quickly you need them, and we have limitations on the prints.

We add a 25% upcharge per shirt for 7 days, 50% for 5 days, and 75% for 3 days.

We DO NOT accept jobs within 1-2 days before you need them, and we can only print a max of 2 colors per location

Can you guys do stickers?

We. Love. Stickers.

We can do a wide range of stickers from paper, uv coated, dye cut, labels, and whatever other material you think we can put adhesive backing on and call it a sticker.

Our turnaround time with stickers is within 2 weeks.

How do you guys charge for shirt?

By the print and cost of the shirt.

Your shirt cost will vary depending on the brand and size, but the cost also depends on what you print on it.

The more colors you get, the more the price goes up, but the more shirts you get, the more the price goes down.

We offer a discount on the print the more shirts your order with us.

For example, a 1 color print on the front of 24 shirts is $5.84, but if you get 48 shirts, your price goes down to $4 per print. Saving you $1.84

Do you have a minimum?


For screen printing, we have a minimum quantity of 24 garments and that minimum can be a mix and match of shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, etc.

For DTG and DTF, we we have a minimum of 10. With DTG, we are only able to print on ADULT cotton and cotton blend shirts or crewnecks, so no hoodies or jackets.

For embroidery, our minimum is 6 items. Similar to screen printing, that can be mixed and matched with hats, polos, bags, etc.