The Evolution of Screen Printing

August 31, 2022

You may not realize that this printing method is not a recent development; its roots go back centuries.

Screen printing is one of the most versatile options to consider for preparing your company's promotional materials. It is an excellent choice for printing on garments, textiles, glass, metal, wood and other materials.

You may not realize that this printing method is not a recent development; its roots go back centuries.

What Are the Earliest Examples of This Printing Method?

Although historians cannot pinpoint the earliest examples of this technique, it seems clear that the exceptional artisans of the artistically and intellectually prolific

Song Dynasty in China from 960 to 1279 AD are responsible for some of the most outstanding achievements using this printing method to produce:

Religious images and scrolls

Paper money


Books with illustrations

The Japanese would later replace the Chinese practice of creating a screen by stretching pliable human hair across a wooden frame and using leaves to transfer a design onto a piece of fabric with fine silk for a screen and brushes to paint designs.

What Are the Origins of Screen Printing in the West?

The Europeans' travels along the Silk Road during the 18th century would expose them to this printing technique, which would gain popularity in the west by the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Still, the high price of silk would limit the audience for goods using this printing method. However, the discovery of a more cost-effective photo-imaged stencil in 1910 and later variations would produce more accessible goods using this printing throughout the West.

Is This Printing Method Still in Use Today?

The adaptation of this printing technique by artists is apparent in the output of Andy Warhol and Sister Mary Corita Kent during the 1960s and 1970s. However, the introduction of Michael Vasilantone's rotary printing press and variations is responsible for applying this printing method in the garment and other industries worldwide to achieve large-scale production.

The rich history of screen printing brings us to today's safe and efficient printing method, a perfect option for creating any design you can imagine to brand your business.